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I want to remove my Fiddler and forum account


In april I requested that my Fiddler account was to be removed. I got a confirmation that a third party called OneTrust was working on it. After that..nothing. The email said:

"If you have any questions, please contact a member of the privacy team."

I cant find any contact info for the Progress privacy team. So I mailed "support@getfiddler.com" and got a reply that a forum account was created. Great another account. 

How do I remove my Fiddler and forum account. Im so very very frustrated. Please someone help :)

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Hello Phoxim,

For transparency, I am reposting the answer I've sent to you via the support system.

... I have now escalated the case and contacted our privacy team, and as we speak, I am awaiting more details about your specific case. Please allow some more time to receive all the information from OneTrust and from our privacy team about the subject.

Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience the whole situation caused you. I can assure you that we will assist you in completing the privacy request for deleting all related accounts (including the one that was automatically created here when you opened a support ticket).

Je n'ai plus besoin du Fiddler et son account.

Hey Paul,

You can request account deletion from the Fiddler Everywhere application through Settings > Privacy > Delete Your Fiddler Account.

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