Unable to complete the login process due to a backend error.

Cannot log in through windows application.
on https://api.getfiddler.com/ i see credential prompts but if i trying fill it promts shows again.

How to use app?


that screen holds for 30~ seconds and after is error

But if i write wrong password, i see "wrong password error" instantly

Hey  Microfiddler2,

Could you please provide the Fiddler log files so we could investigate further? If the files are containing sensitive information , you could send them privately to my email at nikolay.iliev at progress.com 


Your mail server not interested to get my mails..

You can download my logs by this link



Thanks for the provided logs. It looks like we do not have network access from the Fiddler Everywhere WebUI process.

A possible reason for such behavior on Windows could be if the Internet Access is Restricted for this process. When running Fiddler on Windows for the first time, there could be a system prompt asking for network access.

I suggest you ensure that the network access is enabled for the Fiddler Everywhere processes and also check if you are able to reproduce this issue on another machine.