Cannot download root certificate on IOS device

I have IOS 14.6.

I followed the instructions outlined here. I am connected to the same Wi-Fi network and checked many times that I have the right IP address & port number. I cannot download the root certificate on my device. 

These are my current settings in the Wi-Fi tab. I've tried it with both HTTP Web Proxy & HTTPS  Secure Web Proxy checked. What do I need to fix to get this to work? I appreciate the help. image

In the ideal case, you don't need to manually check/uncheck the Fiddler proxy from the OS but you could leave Fiddler Everywhere to to that (via the capturing toggle). Make sure that Allow remote computers to connect option is enabled (in Settings > Connections) and that the iOS device is in the same local network as the Fiddler host.

Thanks for replying. I have enabled the Allow remote computers to connect option and the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. http://ipv4.fiddler:8866 still does not load on my iOS mobile device so I can download the trust certificate.

It looks like that the loopback address is misspelled. It should be: <-loopback>

Fix the bypass entry (or remove it and leave FE to enter it automatically when using the Capturing mode) is and retry the whole process as described in the configuration articles and videos: