incomprehensible connections, unknown hosts and IPs in fiddler activity

I noticed many incomprehensible connections from fiddler to Internet.

It looks like botnet running, but I can't understand where it coming from.

Sometimes it takes so much connections that freezing my OS.

Could someone help me?

Screenshot attached. is operated by Cloudflare (source: ) is a prroxy judje (source:

You could look in the Process column (in Live Traffic columns of Fiddler Everywhere) and see which process is making those requests. This would be a good starting point for further investigation.

Thanks for reply!

Process column is empty and in Request/Response I can't find anything useful.

URL is random every time.

Here it is a screenshot with last 20 minutes

The site is listed as a booter site (a site that offers DDOS attacks as a paid service - source: ), so it is possible that indeed some kind of malware is responsible for those requests.