Rules tab doesn't work

Hello. I have a problem with the rules tab for catching requests. All my saved rules don't displayed on the rules tab. And when I try to add new rule it don't add.

Hey yukbaeva, 

Were you able to access the AutoResponser.xml file as we talked in the support thread? Deleting the AutoResponder.xml file should resolve your issue but you will also lose all of your previsoly created rules so that is why we asked for a copty of that file so that the team could investigate what exacltly is causing the issue.

Here is how top access the AutoResponder.xml file.

- Go to the .fiddler folder in your OS. On Windows, the folder is located in C:\Users\<your--username-here>\.fiddler 

You will observe one or more folders with unique IDs (one folder for each different account that was used with Fiddler Everywhere). For example. in the screenshot below the folder 706083e7-fb3c-4425-8cd0-96b5e032dc83 indicates the unique ID for a single Fiddler Everywhere account. 

-  Open the unique ID folder and navigate to the folder named AutoResponder. In case the account has created and saved rules, a file called AutoResponder.xml will be present. 

Send us all AutoResponder.xml files from all existing unique ID folders. This way, we will be able to test and eventually reproduce the issue on our side. 

Тhank you!!!


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It helped me. Thank you very much

Hey yukbaeva,

You could delete just the rule on the 20th line in the shared AutoResponder.xml file - or to be more specific the one that has undefined values in it. Then all your old ruls will work (when the file is returned back to its original location)

I just had the very same experience 3 days into my trial!   Where is this AutoResponder.xml file exactly?

MAC User

I found the file - /users/homedir/.fiddler/. "Hidden file". 

The problem continues to occur with issues saving and I now must continually backup the file after I create every rule.  Hope you can discover the root cause.  Thanks.

Hey Tom,

You could contact me privately and send me the AutoResponder.xml file with the broken rule to investigate all possible reasons that are causing this issue. Contact us through the Fiddler Everywhere application (Help > Contact Support) 

Can you please provide the support email address?  Opening the help sends me to icloud mail which is not configured and I use outlook.  I had so many issues needing to create and recreate the rules- that it essentially became so annoying I stopped. This is a show stopper for me, and if I continue to run into these issues I would be reticent to spend any money on this product.  I was a VERY HAPPY classic user for 8 years, but was moved to a MAC and this product doesn't quite feel ready for prime time (aka spending money).  Let me know if you resolve these issues and I will re-explore.  Provide an email address and I will send you 4-5 files that have all been corrupted that  kept me needing to stop, delete autoresponder.xml and restart.  I tried on several occasions to backup and copy just the autoresponder rules back in, but that was also problematic enough that I gave up.

I wanted to let you know that the team published a fix (for the rules issue) via a patch version. You can now update your Fiddler Everywhere to the latest version (through Help > Check for Updates).