Replace Live Resource with Response File not working

Here's an attempt to replace the the response file with a local file called test.txt:



We can see that it finds matches properly but it does not replace the response body with the test file:



Expected: the body response of the highlighted session should be "this is a test"

Thank you once again for the detailed information and screenshots! I can confirm that, indeed, this looks like a legit bug. We've logged this one as a task to research and fix, and we will post more as soon as we have additional information about this one.

Meanwhile, we have also updated the documentation to contain additional information about final and non-final actions (and an explanation of what those terms mean)

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Hey MalwareInfoSec,

The described scenario should work as expected, or at least it behaves when I've tried to reproduce the case. Could you check if you, by chance, have other conflicting rules with higher priority and are overwriting the one you are executing?


I find a way to make it work properly and reproduce the bug. Try the following to repro the bug:

- Create a rule for the Response Body Containing a string of text that is random and likely not exist.


- That rule must be placed BEFORE the rule with the Respond with local file


This seems to trigger the bug.

Thank you for following up on this!

Another suggestion:  AutoResponder (now rules) is very handy to use in 'offline mode'. Because the response can be a local file, there is no need to have an active internet connection to replay.

However, Fiddler Everywhere requires to be connected to the internet. An offline mode would be needed.