Fiddler Everywhere is frozen


I have a few sessions saved in Fiddler. After I restarted Fiddler, the sessions were gone. Fiddler now loads all the time the tab in which the session was, which is no longer there. I can't close the tab nor can I switch to another tab. I use Fiddler Everywhere on a MacBook Air M1 (2020).

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To resolve the issue, you could delete the existing snapshots. This will remove all previously saved sessions from the Sessions list. To remove the snapshot, do the following:

- Open the macOS terminal application and type the command below
open ~/.fiddler

From the opened .fiddler folder, navigate to the folder with the current user ID, open the Snapshots folder, and delete all existing snapshots. If you have used more than one account, you need to delete the content of the Snapshot folder that is part of the current user ID folder.
- Restart Fiddler Everywhere to apply the change.

As as side note, if the problematic snapshot doesn't contain sensitive information, you could send it to us so that we could use it in attempt to further investigate the case and find more stable solution. Please don't share the snapshot in the public channel but instead use the support email to provide the problematic saved sessions.