How to save binary results file

I can create requests and see the response body, but if the body is not text, then I'm just screwed.  Why are the only options for the body text, json, and xml?  I can see the binary data was received, but there appears to be no way to get it into a file so that I can examine it.

I thought maybe collections was the answer, but this feature is extremely confusing.  It talks about folders, but I don't think these are folders on my computer.  I can find no way to determine where the collection folders are stored.  There is no way to, for example, right-click on a folder and open it in the OS.  What is the use of a collection?  Even after "save" (which appears to do absolutely nothing) the data is no longer in the "collection" or "folder" if I come back to that collection.  

Getting binary data from a response should be EASY.  Just write it to a file.  I don't even care what you name the file.  Just tell me what it is and where it is.  This is not rocket science.

Hey Scott,

The Sessions section provides a way to organize your saved sessions within the Fiddler Everywhere application. You can create a collection of sessions in the Sessions section organized in different folders. That said, these are snapshots that exist in your Fiddler Everywhere application folder, but you should not use them as they can contain some additional application-based information. Instead, you can easily export a saved session while using the Sessions' context menu. The export option supports multiple known formats, including SAZ (Fiddler archive), HTTPArchive, raw, cURL script, etc.

Apart from that, any HTTP Response can also be viewed through the Raw inspector.


Thanks for the response!  Doing a RAW export got me some of the binary files, but for some reason it didn't write all of the responses (none of the responses that were MP4 were written).  It's annoying to have to write (in this case) 70 files to get the one that I want, rather than being able to export only the one.

I was aware that I can "view" the HTTP response through the Raw inspector (as well as the Preview and Body inspectors), but being an MP4 file (content-type: video/mp4), none of these are useful views.  I need to be able to save the binary response body to a file, so that I can figure out what's wrong with my application.

No clue why the full session export didn't export any of the MP4 files.  Some of them were partial requests, but at least one of them was a request of the whole file (over 100Mb).  I need to get both the partial and the full responses into files.

Another weird thing that happens is that viewing the response in the "Preview" causes all of the other inspectors to show "Unable to load response".  I can also not change to any of the other requests in the session (the selection in the URL list changes, but none of the inspectors work, though I can switch tabs).  The only way I've found to get out of that is to dump the loaded session and reload it.  Possibly this is because the MP4 response data is partial and this is crashing the Preview inspector, causing the whole request viewer to crash?

I don't know if any of the above is the reason these files don't export.  

It would also be nice if Fiddler was smart enough to concatenate multiple partial requests for the same file (with different range header values) into one result, but at this point I would settle for just getting the binary responses written to a file.

Indeed, the option to directly import the response body sounds like a legit feature, so I will move this thread to the Feature Request section.

If possible, could you please provide an endpoint that can be used to reproduce the problem? Additionally, you could send me your log files privately (you can use the support email at so that we can investigate the inspectors' issue further.

Multiple save as options are about to be released with the upcom,ing new version of Fiddler Everywhere (4.0.0)