kali linxu with persistance error while enabling https


I am having persistance enabled to save data but it shows this error .

I cannot export the certifcate and enable https


Read-only file system : '/tmp/.mount_fiddleGaekiF/resources/app/out/WebServer/FiddlerRootCertificate.crt'

The error indicates that you still lack the right to write to the export directory. Elevate the write access (via your OS tooling) to resolve the issue. By default, Fiddler Everywhere is trying to export the certificate in a folder called Desktop, so make sure that this folder exists in your user directory and, if not, create it explicitly.

I get that.. But   persistance allows us to store to folder /home/kali/ but fiddler doesnt allow us to change the folder or save to another folder.

I think this option needs to be there to save to what ever folder we need. Or may be there is some config which can be edited.