HTTPS traffic is not being captured


I have installed Fiddler Everywhere and am trying to capture HTTPS traffic on my workstation. The session does not show any traffic although there are HTTPS traffic. I have done the following actions:

1) Reset the certificate

2) Remove and reinstall the certificate

3) Change the Port that Fiddler is listing on


None of the above changed the behavior. Please direct me with any other action to try. I have a very important and time sensitive project and would appreciate a quick response.


My desktop is Windows 10 with all the updates.




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Hey David,

Can you please check if the system proxy is set when Fiddler Everywhere is working and Capturing is turned on? To check this, just start Fiddler Everywhere, ensure Capturing is turned on in the Live Traffic tab and then from Window's start menu search for Proxy. In the Proxy settings you should see a manual proxy setup to be configured. 
Note - the Proxy Settings page in Windows does not refresh when the settings are changed, so if you open it prior starting Fiddler Everywhere, ensure you change the page to another one, for example Status and then get back to Proxy.
If the proxy is set, it means Fiddler Everywhere is successfully set as OS proxy, but for some reason your traffic is not routed through it. It could be caused by VPN or some other application on your machine. You can check our KB article how to use Cisco VPN and Fiddler Everywhere simultaneously.

If you have Capturing enabled, but the Operating system proxy settings are not showing it, we'll need the application logs from your machine for investigation. To access them, just use the Help -> Open Application Logs Folder menu from Fiddler Everywhere and send us all the files from the opened directory.

Hope this helps.

Rosen Vladimirov