Fiddler Classic not getting all requests

Hello, Fiddler Classic is only getting CONNECT requests for me. It don't get GETs and POSTs requests. What can I do please ? I enabled these options.


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I'm pasting my answer to the ticket you've sent as it might be useful for other people:

I recommend you to install the BouncyCastle add-on for Fiddler Classic and reset all the certificates. The CertEnroll engine might cause issues in some cases. So, to do this, please follow the steps below:
1. Ensure Fiddler Classic is not running.

2. Download the BouncyCastle CertMaker add-on.

3. Run the downloaded .exe file.
4. Start Fiddler Classic.
5. From the Options menu, use the Actions -> Reset All Certificates option.
6. Allow all the changes required by the app in the newly opened windows.

7. Restart Fiddler Classic.

Now, everything should work as expected. 

Rosen Vladimirov