Full url not shown in Overview

I just installed Fiddler Everywhere Version 3.0.1 on my macbook pro running Monterey. I am wanting to capture the full endpoints of an app I am testing in iOS and Android. I have the devices connected correctly and can see the traffic. However, when I try to view the full url in the Overview tab I see something like this : developer.domain.com:111 but the actual url should be developer.domain.com/deviceslist . I would like to view the full url path so that I can copy it and do some testing in Postman.  Any suggestions on what might be causing it to not show the complete endpoint?

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You are likely not seeing the full URL (because there is not enough space in the Overview tab and it is shortened) or you have not enabled HTTPS capturing, and you see only the HTTP tunnels. 

Our team is currently working on an update that will improve the visibility of long URLs in the Overview tab, so you can expect a fix for that in the upcoming releases.