What about breakpoints?


hello - I saw you are planning to implement vichu breakpoint in fiddler everywhere in 2021 - tell me if this feature is planned to be added?


Thank you for your interest in Fiddler Everywhere and requesting the breakpoint feature!

Can you elaborate more on your specific use case through breakpoints you are trying to solve? Any feedback on the matter will be greatly appreciated and will also be taken into account while planning and developing new features. Currently, we are focused on solving most of the scenarios (that you would test through breakpoints) through the Rules tab, so it would be of great value for us to hear more about the problem you are facing.

The use case in my case (no pun intended) is I test a plugin that goes in multiple websites but it's never the same code as some parts are dynamic. I want to tweak those dynamic parts to make things better.

So each time I open another website and have to change only its own code. Only after I'm satisfied, I update the new code live.
If I make a rule, I will constantly have to update it. With Fiddler Classic the program just stops, lets me review the code, modify it however I want on-the-fly, and then send it back to the browser, and so again and again.

I think you also explained it quite well by yourself here.