Fiddler Everywhere chain proxy with AUTH


I'm trying to chain my traffic via proxy.

I'm configured my code to use Fiddler proxy as below:

Also i configured Fiddler Everywhere gateway to use my proxy as below:


But still unable to use the proxy yet? it was working on the previous versions!

proxies = {
    'all://': ''
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Hey αԋɱҽԃ αмєяιcαη 

Can you please elaborate more on your proxy setup? So far, Fiddler Everywhere is not officially supporting most types of proxy with authentication (this is a feature we are planning on implementing in future releases), so we wondered what type of proxy w/authentication was used on your side. Which version of Fiddler Everywhere worked alongside your gateway setup (user:pass@ip: port)?  Any additional information you can share about this case will be of great help!