Unable to Login Due to a Backend Error

I have Fiddler Everywhere and am getting a message on login that says “Unable to Login Due to a Backend Error”. I have uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail. Both of the websites to check that were listed in previous questions on this worked. What would be the solution for me to access the program that I am paying for?

Hey Cagoggin2,

Thank you for reporting this one! The issue was already resolved, so, as we speak, you should be able to complete the login process.

I’m still unable to login. That message no longer shows but now it looks like it’s going to login for about 15-30 seconds and then just brings me back to the login page without any message pop up

Hey  Cagoggin2,

Please send the Fiddler Everywhere log files privately to support@getfiddler.com.

Detailed instructions on how to extract the logs manually: