Advice on Fiddler Everywhere Payment Strategies

I think Fiddler Everywhere is a very good software, the old version was free to use before, but with the new version, the current Fiddler Everywhere must be paid to use, I think the payment strategy is very bad, and will reject many people who like Fiddler Everywhere outside the door. I have a suggestion. You can refer to the perpetual fallback license used by IntelliJ IDEA. If you buy a full year to get the permanent right to use this version, I think many people will be happy to buy it for one year!

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Thank you for being a Fiddler user and for your valued feedback! 

I want to point out that the team is supporting several Fiddler products, including the Fiddler Classic, which has been on the market for many years (initial release date 2003) and is 100% free of charge and will remain free! 

Fiddler Everywhere is an alternative that will allow the team to keep improving the product with modern technologies and functionalities. In the meantime, the payment model will allows is to keep the free support for the Fiddler Classic and improve the other FIddler producs (Fiddler Jam, Fiddler Everywhere, FiddlerCore, etc.). The payment model of Fiddler Everywhere comes with good annual subscription discounts, which we consider to be fair and, in most cases, significantly lower than similar products on the market. Another thing to consider is that the perpetual license (in most cases, including the case with the JetBrains license) strips the customers from receiving bug fixes, new features, and any updates that come with the latest version (unless they pay for it). This is not the best model for tools like Fiddler Everywhere, as the team constantly (several major releases per year) adds new features, supports new protocols, and improves product performance and UX.