Allow Modifying Content-Length

Hello, I saw a few places online saying that there was an option under Composer settings to disable automatic correction of Content-Length. However, I do not see anything other than the 'Follow redirects automatically' checkbox. My testing requires that I send an invalid content length, please advise.

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Updating this thread to feature request. I am also reposting our Q&A as discussed in our private thread.

A: Currently this option is not available in the Composer of Fiddler Everywhere, but I'll add it to our backlog. Can you please share what is your scenario and how would you expect the app to behave in this case? For example, if the body is 10 symbols, but you set the Content-Length to 1 - should it send only 1 symbol or send the whole body? In addition, you can try the Rules, which allow you to modify any header and body and see if it will work for your case.

B:  The request should send the entire body, even if it is larger the Content-Length. The way Burp Suite handles this is a good example.
I found the Rules you mentioned, and was able to make what I needed to test work, thank you for the tip.
I'm also curious, would Fiddler display the entire body of a response who's body is larger than its Content-Length header? 

A: Fiddler Everywhere will show everything sent from the server, i.e. in the case you've described - it will show the whole body even when the Content-Length header is not correct.