Invoice number AB79765D-0003 - Money unnecessarily deducted from our credit card ending ****9001

Hi Team,


Kindly note that an amount of $ 12 got deducted from our credit card ending  **** 9001 on 01st June 2022 and 04th June 2022 without any prior notice to us.  We took the subscription for only 1 month Invoice No. AB79765D-0001(  April 04th to May 04th 2022) and paid for 1 month subscription only.


Not sure why you deducted $12 from our credit card two times this month which is really not appropriate.  Kindly check from your end for the deductions happened and refund us back the amount of $12 + $12 = $24 back to our credit card ending **** 9001


Please resolve the issue asap and do let me know if you need any additional information on the above matter.




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Hey Sharath,

Your subscription is automatically renewed until it is explicitly canceled from your side. You can cancel the subscription through the owner account while logging into the Fiddler dashboard site at and using the Manage Subscription > Cancel Subscription option. 

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