Fiddler classic composer


Trying to educate myself on Fiddler capabilities I run the follow scenario

An app hosted by IIS on localhost offers a login authentication page. I know the password and login of an administrator account. I turn "capture traffic" feature on, switch to Chrome to login into the app, enter root's password, hit Enter, and sucessfully login into the app. In the Fiddler I got 2 sessions: POST and GET. 

Now, I'm trying to replicate that behavior using "Composer" tab. I populate composer tab with raw output of the 1st POST request, add the body and Execute it. 

Naturally, I'm expecting to get the same two lines: 3rd which would be a clone of 1st POST and 4th which would be a clone of the 2nd GET. Instead, my 3 POST is exactly the same, but 4th GET is not

What am I missing\not taking into account? 

(23.2 KB)

ps. This is how the result 3-4 varies from the lines captured while authenticated via Chrome

Greens are equals POSTs and reds are different GETs


Hey Nkaretnikov,

With Fiddler Everywhere, you can compare two or more sessions side-by-side using the Compare tab. This way, you could quickly pinpoint what differs in both sessions without using lengthy raw text files without any formatting. Learn more about the comparing options here...