Preconfigured Browser should enable "Disable cache" by default

The preconfigured browser always starts without Disable cache and if enabled manually doesn't even save it for next time.

It's hard to work without this option, as cache means not using Fiddler.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by  "... as cache means not using Fiddler ..."?

Even with that option, you can still capture each HTTP/HTTPS request, and you can always make a hard reload to ensure that you are capturing the non-cached version. Fiddler Everywhere aims to keep the original behavior which is why the Disable-Cache checkbox is left unchecked. 

The above said, you can also use the Rules tab to create your own rule that explicitly disables the cache for your testing pages. For example, something like:

I meant with cache enabled Fiddler may not even catch the input and/or the webpage might ignore Fiddler.

Of course I can use a hard reload but it's so much easier not to have to. There's no original behavior here with Fiddler on I want to constantly use it or I would have closed/disabled it.

Those rules are a lot of work to replace a simple checkbox, and again the webpage might ignore Fiddler anyway due to cache.