Cannot get link to capture session in FIddler Jam

I keep getting the same error message every time I attempt to either preview or get the link to a captured session (Share Failed: Error sending session to the JAM portal).  I have attempted a very short session several times with the same result. About 20 minutes or so ago, I installed the Fiddler Jam extension for Chrome for the first time and set up a trail account. And I did the following steps.


  • Went to the web page I’m testing 
  • Loaded the extension to start the capture. 
  • Started the capture 
  • Went back to the page and did my steps to where I am having difficulty. 
  • Finished my web session 
  • Stopped the capture.
  • Clicked on Get Link. And the error message above appears.

One other thing I have noticed. After capturing, if I click on the preview button, I am taken to jam.getfiddler/preview/expired and told that “This view has expired; Capture another log to preview it”, when in fact, that is the first button being pushed after ending the capture.

Should I not end the capture before preview?


How can i get the link? Can someone/anyone help with this please?

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The first thing to check and verify is that you have access to the Fiddler Jam endpoints. Can you please try to open the following links:

If you are unable to access the above test endpoints, you need to contact your network administrators and ask them to allow list the following domains:


If the above does not solve your issue, please let us know if you are facing the problem with one specific endpoint or with any endpoint (e.g., it is happening with ). If the issue occurs with a specific endpoint, please provide a test URL we can use for further investigation.