Rules for responce modification with script at runtime

Hi, is it possible in Fiddler Everywhere to create such Rule that can change the responce dynamically according to specific scenario that described in some script file? For example, I have sent some request to the server and have got some responce, I need to modify this responce but the way is difficult or impossible to discribe with regular expression. So I want to get answer from server, modify this answer with some script or plugin (for example, python script or even third party program) and return to browser (my client) modified result.

server sends result -> script makes some modifications and sends in back to fiddler -> fiddler sends it to client

Any way will be ok (fiddler plugins if they are exist or something else)

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Hey levgenkulyk,

Fiddler Everywhere does not (yet) support external scripts or plugins and it sounds like a good feature to have.

Meanwhile, with the current logic behind the Rules tab, you can create multiple different rules that are entirely changing the HTTP response (Manual Response or Response File) based on some pre-existing values in the Response headers/bodies. For example, something like the following:

The other options like you mentioned are to use Set Value, Regular expression, Find and Replace, or Remove options from the Update Response Body action.