Fiddler Root Certificate NOT trusted successfully.



click "Trust root certificate" tips “Fiddler Root Certificate NOT trusted successfully.”

then click "Export root certrificate(DER/Binary format)"

then click "Reset root certrificate"

But still tips “Fiddler Root Certificate NOT trusted successfully.”




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Hey Calmok,

Exporting the root certificate does what it states - it simply exports the certificate as a file (to your Desktop directory). Howver, you still need to install the exported certificate manually (as the automatic installation fails for some reason).

  1. Start Fiddler Everywhere and go to Settings > HTTPS. Expand the Advanced Settings sub-menu and use the Export root certificate(DER/Binary format) from the drop-down menu. The certificate is exrpoted to ~/Desktop as file with name FiddlerRootCertificate.crt.

  2. Install the certificate in the OS certificate manager. Detailed steps described here: 

  3. Restart Fiddler Everywhere and enable Live Traffic capturing

In case, the issue persiste then you can send us your Fiddler application logs (Help > Open Application Logs Folder) to support at