Internet connection drops when running Fiddler Everywhere 3.4.1

hello. We have purchased and are using Fiddler Everywhere products.

After installing and running Fiddler Everywhere on Mac OS, sometimes there is a problem with no internet connection.

As a result, in the case of Fiddler Everywhere, where you log in with your Google account and search for a license, you may not be able to find a license because of no internet connection.

When I close the Fiddler Everywhere program, the Internet works fine.

Both Intel Macs and Silicon Macs have problems, and the devices are Apple iMacs and MacBook Airs.

Answers I'll wait.

thank you





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Fiddler Everywhere acts as a system proxy (when the app runs and the Live Traffic toggle is ON). When the Fiddler application is turned off, that removes the system proxy configuration from the operating system settings. Saying that sometimes your connection drops (when Fiddler Everywhere is set as a system proxy) means that there is probably a specific network issue or tooling that prevents using the system proxy consistently (like changing the active network adapter, security tooling, etc.). 

To pinpoint the problem, please elaborate more on how often and under what circumstances your internet connection drops (when Fiddler Everywhere is ON). You can also send us your FIddler Everywhere application log files ( accessible through Help > Open Application Logs Folder) to (please do not post the application log files in this forum as they might contain sensitive data).