Fiddler-Everywhere: Error running AppImage on RHEL7

Just downloaded, but cannot run.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4

> ./fiddler-everywhere-3.4.1.AppImage

License accepted

zenity, kdialog, Xdialog missing. Skipping /tmp/.mount_fiddledlQX9Q/AppRun.

/tmp/.mount_fiddledlQX9Q/fiddler-everywhere: error while loading shared librarie s: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any thoughts? 

Any other command line flags for AppImage?

The error does not contain enough information for the real issue but is a good starting point for investigation. Refer to this SO thread for a possible approach to extracting more verbose information. 

Appreciate reply @Nick Iliev. The --verbose didn't help (neither does -v -help --help etc). I'm not familiar with "AppImage" conventions, which is why I thought there might be standard sort of command line options people might be familiar with. BUT your reply did get me looking at it again...

Formatting had messages running together, and I missed this at the start: "zenity, kdialog, Xdialog missing." So, not finding X environment. I am running an emulator and had exported DISPLAY, so back to researching...


Getting a "zenity, kdialog, Xdialog missing" Error when trying to run an appimage - Ask Ubuntu

I had also noticed it looking like it's trying to extract and run things out of /tmp, which is restricted on our systems.